I do not go with the flow of pop culture. I do not listen to pop music. I prefer Rock and Metal. Its okay for everyone to have their own tastes in music. It keeps the world interesting. I do not like how people constantly bash my kind of music with out learning or educating themselves about it. It is not the devil’s music. This is not 1955. It is 2012. Read the lyrics if you cant understand what is being said. Some of the metal music being written is about life. It may not have that country sound to it because it is being said through a louder heavier sound. It is meant to speak to a different kind of people. We are all different. There are kids out there that are trying to find themselves outside of what their parents are shaping them. That is fine with me. I did it and still do. I am always finding new things about myself every year. We all are. It is in our nature. Stop the attacks on my music if you can not or will not do the research to proove me wrong. I do my homework and usually own my opinion with facts and other opinions to argue my point. I am pretty good at taking a good critique on my thoughts too. I do not always make it my way or the highway on my opinions either. I have an open mind. There are far to many close minded people in this world. I have listened and occasionally listen to other genres of music and read the lyrics. I enjoy hearing what the artists are saying for the most part. Of course not all of it is good. I will not use specific examples at this time. I do not want people to think I am trying to attack their favorite artist. This is just a way for me to get my feelings out about attacks on my music. There are other people that feel the same way or similar when their music is attacked too. There are alot more serious problems in this world that we should focus on. Some artists our trying to bring that to peoples attention too, through their lyrics and music. I will surely have a lot more to say about this, for music means so much to me. There are many more thoughts on this subject to come.

Thoughts on Randy Blythe

First I want to say I am sorry to the parents of the child that lost his life that fatefull night at the club in the Czech Republic. I understand their pain for I have lost a loved one unexpectantly before as well. I am not a lawyer and may not have all the facts in the case. After seeing the footage and reading all the different thoughts on the blogs and websites, I have formed the opinion that Randy is innocent. Randy was not the one throwing the young man off stage. Security did. He was also apparently told to stay off the stage, but refused to. I have not heard if the man was under the influence of any substance. If you have a clear head and are told to stay off a stage, do so. After Dimebag Darrell Abbott and three others were killed that tragic night, no one in the world should be getting on stage at a show. It still happens at Hardcore shows and thats fine if security and the bands or venue is ok with it. If you are under the influence of drugs and or alcohol and are not coherent enough to listen or obey instructions such as “calm down and don’t get up here again’ then thats when you should be held responsible for your own actions. YOU chose not to listen. YOU chose to be not of sound body and mind. YOUR decisons can have a disastrous affect on you and others around you. Especially in situtations like that. I feel if anything, Randy was trying to defend himself. He states that he did not have glasses on that night either and he could not see the crowd. He probably had no idea why security was throwing the kid off stage. Sure the band could have turned and ran off stage. That would have probably started a riot too in the small venue. We can go through all the what-ifs from that night but that would be a waste of time. The justice system in the Czech Republic is different than ours. I get that. What I do not get is how they think there is a case against him. Common Sense shows that Randy was not the one thowing the young man off the stage in the video. It has been said by many, but why have they not arrested the security guard yet. Why did the security not  do more to keep him from getting up on the stage repeatedly. I have been to shows where you are out on your first mistake, no matter what it is. Enjoy the show, do not put others or yourself or the band in danger. They are there working, doing their job entertaining you to earn their living. At this point I can hope that justice does prevail for Randy. I will continue to support him. Once again, SHAME ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA for not reporting on the story either. Local Richmond Virginia news has reported time and time again on it. Kudos to them. An American citizen is in jail in a foreign country but National Troll Media will not report on it. SCREW THEM. I HATE TROLLS. Free Randy Blythe.

Thoughts on Gun Control

First I want to say my thoughts to the families of the dead and injured in the theater shooting in Colorado. Now that I have said that, I want to say my peice on the people putting the political spin on it. Let me start with that alone. People are dead and families are grieving. Let them do so. Shame on you for spinning this to your advantage. I did not want to do the same thing so I kept these thoughts off of Twitter, but at the same time get my point of view out there while its fresh. Every time some huge tragedy occurs, people ride the emotion wave to point the finger at gun control. It would take alot to completely do away with the Second Ammendment. Does not mean people will not try to either. Yes i fully this right to bear arms. The criminals will always get their hands on guns. Plain and simple. There has always been crimes, violent and non-violent since the begining of mankind. There will never be world peace. I am realist when it comes to things like that. It sounds like a great concept but it WILL NEVER HAPPEN! When you have religious nut jobs running around killing people because they do not agree with what ever their bible or book of life law, or whatever they call it, says. Go read any history book. Its well documented in there. It will never stop. You can not make people not have criminal thoughts. There will always be nutjobs out there and I will always choose to protect myself, my friends and my family in any way possible from these nutjobs. I have that right. You can not change my mind on this. I know that some people will always disagree with me on that but that is their right too. It is part of being an American. It is also what keeps us different from one another. The world would be pretty boring if everyone was a carbon copy of another. This will also be mentioned again and again from me when I express my opinion on other things. I can say this, if that terrible tragedy had occured in my town with me present at the scene, I would do what I could to take down that psycho with my firearm. Im not a cowboy super hero but I am a pretty decent shot. When someone is going crazy like that you can not wait forever for law enforcement to show up. Look at how many died before they did. If someone breaks into my home, I surely will not wait for the cops to come save me either. I will protect myself by any means. The main stream media reports more on the criminals doing bad things with guns than the good law abiding citizens successfully defending themselves. Shame on them for that. It is what keeps people living in fear. Shame on them. I read stories every month of people protecting themselves and their homes via the internet and magazines. The truth is out there, but you will not get it from the mainstream. Do the research yourself. Do not rely on me or your best friend or whoever for the information. Find out for yourself. Educate yourself. Rest in Peace to the ones that were killed in the terrible tragedy in Colorado.

Ron Paul 2012

Vote Ron Paul in 2012. I can not say this enough. Congressman Ron Paul has won me over. I wish i had educated myself on him sooner. Ron is more a libertarian than a republican. Leftists hear him as a Rupublican and assume the same old same old from him. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING, it makes an ASS outta U and ME. I can not tell enough people to educate them selves on Ron Paul. In the age of the internet and smartphones making this information so easily available, your ignorant to not educate yourself. Ron Paul is for less government. If your tired of the government telling you who you can marry, gay or straight vote Ron Paul. He doesnt think its the governments problem. There is a lot more bigger problems in the world and more important, AMERICA. Restore AMERICA and vote Ron Paul. DO A WRITE IN FOR HIM IF HE DOESNT GET THE NOMINATION. Support the Revolution. If your a woman that doesnt want the federal government telling you whether or not you can have an abortion than vote Ron Paul. He doesnt want anything to do with making up your mind for you. He wants whats best for AMERICA. We are hurting so bad. Are you tired of us invading other countries and starting war for no reason? VOTE Ron Paul. He doesnt want anymore war. He wants to RESTORE AMERICA. He wants to bring our troops home and fix america. We are broke, we are injured and we cant keep going with just a bandaid. EDUCATE YOURSELF. He doesnt flip flop on important topics. We cant keep giving out foreign aid to countries if when we dont have the money. We cant keep printing dollars and weaking our value and expect nothing bad to happen. It has already happenend. The economy has been in the tank and our president hasnt done anything to fix it. The stimulus didnt work and another wont fix it. He has had 4 years to do something and has failed. You cant blame someone else for 4 years and expect another shot at it. Not when we are that bad off. Ron Paul doesnt have all the answers but he does have some great ones. Reducing government programs cuts spending. Getting rid of some of them and letting the private sector take over CREATES JOBS! Common Sense People! We should not settle for anything less. I can go on and on and probably will. I am certain I will do another post and hope to read some comments on this post. RON PAUL IN 2012. RESTORE AMERICA.